(The Ice Cream Palace, Writer/Producer)
Evelyn Stettin is a Los Angeles based artist, working in painting, writing, performance and dreamwork. Box, Window, Door is her first play.


(Bella Productions, Producer/Director)

Angela Grillo is a successful producer of independent film and theatre in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts. Box, Window, Door will be her directing debut in LA.

Box, Window, Door Synopsis

Box, Window, Door (BWD) is a surreal dark comedy set inside the dreamworld of Natasha and Margaret Blink.  the Blink sisters live completely isolated from the world, in the home in which they grew up.   The sisters are in trouble.  One lives in a coffin and the other one prepares daily for a mysterious dinner party that never seems to happen. A supernatural film crew is called in to film Natasha’s dream and things happen that no one expects.  Using dark humor and unconventional staging, Box, Window, Door explores the complex relationship between children of Holocaust survivors to their parent’s trauma.